I can scream myself hoarse opining that a tiger chooses you to spot it and no amount of your “expert” spotting can actually spot a tiger. As always though it will fall on deaf ears so I won’t bother (you see what I did there!). The proof of the pudding is after all in eating it. 3 successive years, different streams/rivers, different time of the day, the same tiger lounging in the water every time should put everyone’s sighting dismissal to rest.


The “are you still watching me!” lookIMG_7853

A cool drink with a cool dip – aah! the good lifeIMG_7832

“Don’t make me get up and chase you away”IMG_7969

“Pack up!”IMG_8020


Note to self – keep nose above water while snoozing”


“You again! I just lounge…go away!”IMG_1620


“Ewww…fish biting!”IMG_5053

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”IMG_5058