The lions of Kenya are not always seen in action. Mostly they are sleeping or lounging under the shades of acacia. During my visit in November 2013, after two days of spending time in Masai Mara, I had resigned to not witnessing any action. The dusk of day 2 however had some powerful scenes unfolding just for us.
A group of sub-adults looked anxiously to be waiting for elders of the pride to come back. They stared at a distance, staying close together. After some 10 minutes, although we didn’t heat anything, it seemed that someone had called out to them. Together, they all made their way ,weaving between vehicles, to the other side. After a few more minutes, we saw the mothers and aunts walking towards the cubs, suddenly appearing from the shrubbery like some apparition.
It was almost like a movie – this meeting between the mother and children. What a joyous, tender and loving reunion it was that I witnessed. The next minutes, which passed all too quickly, was spent watching this family group cuddling, rubbing noses affectionately, cubs now relaxed and lying on their back taking comfort in the knowledge of their mum being right there, and the mum showing her by clobbering them.
Couldn’t have asked for better action.
Masai Mara, Kenya. Nov 2013DSCN2528DSCN2553DSCN2554DSCN2560