I looked at Morris with some annoyance I am sure,

Such a crazy idea only he could conjure!

Let’s celebrate my dying and have a party, he said

Call my friends; bring out the fine wine and bread.

I rolled my eyes and hoped, before evening, for a cure!


Today’s already booked or half over they said

Could we have the party tomorrow instead?

Dang it! said Morris, I know those two will come

Not only that they will bring my favorite rum,

As for the rest, they can come when I am dead!


Sam arrived at 7, looking quite dashing

Morris wobbled over and gave him a mock thrashing

Stop eyeing my wife while I am still here

Even with me gone you will have me to fear

Just then came Pete with the rum and we all got smashing.


Morris said he was 60, and not a day wiser

This party was not his final show, just a teaser

With his pals and his wife to show them he cares

And hear what they felt, tell the truth, he dares

So don’t dismiss me yet for an ol’ geezer.


Sam toasted saying you old fool

All your life you have been a mule

And now this, a funeral party

He laughed and said this was hearty

On the crown of your sad life, this was a jewel.


Pete was demure, he said he was sad

This cancer was quite bad

The others beat him and said he was drunk

He laughed and fell down with a thunk!

Saying for this mid-week party he was glad.


They all turned and looked at me,

His wife of years 6 and thirty.

I kissed him and held his hand

He gently kissed my wedding band

I smiled and said I will serve the coffee.