Coffee drinking is an art, for it is a taste divine.

Aroma, texture, strength, similar to your wine.

Bring the cup close for a start,

Take in the aroma it imparts,

Keep the cup down and enjoy the fragrance fine.


Now bring it closer to your lip,

And take in just a small sip.

Savor the taste, let it linger.

A fine coffee will make you a singer,

And set sail many a thousand ship.


Sit back and relax on your table,

Read a book or write a fable.

Enjoy your coffee at leisure,

It’s a ritual, there’s no pressure

Of any submission or other deliverable.


Get friends over; make a day of it,

Gossip and debates, all in a bit.

A whiff, a sip and a love forever

From just a regular person become a connoisseur

So grab that chair now, come, sit.


Everything, the whole world will fall in line

That’s how it is meant to be by design.

A lot can happen over coffee they say

And a perfect cup it will each time I pray.

Indeed, coffee drinking is an art, for it is a taste divine.